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‘Soha Ali Khan waxing MMS scandal’ a dud
Over the weekend, Bollywood websites and blogs went into a tizzy with reports of a “Soha Ali Khan waxing MMS scandal” video.
After Katrina Kaif’s alleged sex scandal, it’s the turn of the Rang De Basanti girl, Soha Ali Khan. This bold actress is trapped in an MMS scandal. It is reported that during her routine bikini waxing session in a beauty salon, her naked body was caught in a hidden camera.

The video shows her getting undressed and wearing a towel and after some time the salon attendant waxes her bare body. It is reported that the video was shot without the knowledge of the actress, as she seemed to be very comfortable during the waxing session. The video has been shot in two parts; ‘before’ and ‘after’ the waxing session.

The MMS clip is highly in demand and is hovering the internet with a rage. The video is available at the cost price of $20 to $30.

After trawling through several dead links and investigating the matter in detail, we can safely assume that it’s a campaign by vested interests with an explicit purpose: to malign the actress.

Apparently, Saif’s little sis underwent a bikini wax session at a beauty salon recently. Unknown to her, there were cameras strategically placed in the room that recorded her in various states of undress and in some scenes, from close quarters, says the report.

She didn’t know…
Mention is made that she is completely at ease, implying that all this was done without her knowledge and that the going price of the clips are anywhere between $20 to $30. It appears that a “leading” website (unnamed in every website and online report) shot this video in association with the salon.

Supposedly, the video shows her getting undressed and wearing a towel. Over time, her body is revealed. The salon attendant is then seen waxing her body including the bikini area. The video has been made into two episodes with “before” and “after waxing” shots.

Not to be simply content with that, the conversation (we assume doctored) borders on the “kinky”.
It’s a troubling trend that actresses are frequently becoming victims to the online demand for show-and-tell videos. Websites in order to attract hits, go to weird lengths to advertise MMS videos even as innocent actresses pay the price. With most people choosing to believe that these “skin flicks” are “real”, it seems like a battle they’re losing.

Soha remained unavailable for comment.

Starry MMS scandals
* In April 2010, controversial godman Nithyananda Swami was caught in an alleged sex video of him with actresses Ranjitha and Yuvarani.
* In July 2010 a sex video, featuring a lookalike of Katrina Kaif’s sister Isabel surfaced online.
A video allegedly featuring MTV Roadies reality show contestant Tamanna was a big hit on the internet last year.
* In 2004, an MMS clip showing Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapur kissing did the rounds
* In 2005, Mallika Sherawat filed a police complaint to probe into an MMS featuring a lookalike of the actress engaged in a sexual act. The clip was later discovered to be that of Mexican porn star Lolly.
* Just before the release of Ashmit Patel and Riya Sen’s film Silsiilay, an MMS clip of the duo was circulated. * Incidentally, the film also had steamy scenes between the two.
* In July 2005, a keyhole video of a woman, said to be Preity Zinta, in the bathroom was widely watched.Though many claimed it to be authentic, in all likelihood it was a fake.
* There was also a buzz about a Kareena Kapoor lookalike video undressing in a five-star hotel.
* While some called it a publicity stunt, a video clip of Mona Chopra (who later became Sherlyn Chopra) changing clothes created a controversy in 2006. Mona didn’t deny that it was she in the video clip and said that someone might have secretly shot her in the nude.
* Vidya Balan was embroiled in an MMS scandal in 2006. A one-minute clip of her lookalike was widely circulated.
* The producers of the 2005 film Ek Haseena Ek Khiladi tried to cash in on the MMS craze to promote the film. A steamy video of Fardeen Khan and Koena Mitra spread like wildfire.
* A video featuring an actress resembling Manisha Koirala did the rounds as an MMS clip.
* Though Bhumika Chawla’s stint in Bollywood failed to make any impact, a fake MMS clip of hers did get noticed by many.

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