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satyam stock price,Satyam did Rs.7000 Crore of Financial fraud in Satyam.

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Latest Updates:All of you know that the defamed founder Raju Ramalinga of Satyam did Rs.7000 Crore of Financial fraud in Satyam. He artificially inflated the Balance sheets of the Satyam Computers since years. And because of this the Satyam Share price was sky high.
Here is a History of Satyam Share Prices
January 2006 – Rs.380
January 2007 – Rs.501
January 2008 – Rs.422
June 2008 – Rs. 522
September 2008 – Rs.415
January 2009 – Rs.177
Jan 09, 2009 – Rs.23
Jan 15, 2009 – Rs.20
June 2009 – Rs.56
December 2009 – Rs.100
https://i0.wp.com/www.pakistanontimenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Satyam-Share-Price-300x242.pngThe the above is the History of Mahindra Satyam Share price. Between 10th – 15th Jan 2009, the Share price was just around Rs.20 per share. And many Intelligent Investors have taken crores of positions in the Satyam Stocks.
And today in just 1 year, their wealth is 5 times more. I am not saying you that Investing in such companies is a smart thing to do. I am just saying you that How Smart the Investors think?
Many Investors have thought in this manner.
The Satyam has around 50,000 employees. So dissolving Satyam means 50,000 job losses in the economy and government can never afford to have this much of job loss in the economy. So the Government has to float Satyam any how.
And that’s why these investors have acquire the millions of Satyam shares at Rs.20 price and they have multiply their wealth 5 times in a year only

Source from:http://www.pakistanontimenews.com/4313/satyam-computers-share-price.html

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