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adam dell,padma lakshmi, michael dell, sergey brin, larry page, de

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Supposition about who could be the child’s father for shortly to be a single mom, Padma Lakshmi, the beautiful host of Bravo’s “Top Chef” is supposed to give birth shortly has been focused on years old beau Teddy Forstmann, the corporal big businessman who possesses the IMG talent bureau. Only it appears that Lakshmi, thirty-nine, the ex-wife of writer Salman Rushdie, who’s due the following month, could have 2 gentlemen romancing her at the same time, the other one being Adam Dell.

Adam Dell, forty, the tech-savvy little brother of billionaire electronic computer manufacturer Michael Dell, is an adventure capitalist who instructs at Columbia Business School as well as was 1st found with Lakshmi, about 2 years past at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, although she was seeing Forstmann. After a month, the 2 of them accompanied Elton John & Elizabeth Hurley at Evelyn Lauder’s party. The New York Post finds out that Adam Dell is the male parent of Lakshmi’s unborn baby then again has uncertainty around the credibleness of that data, saying that she was lately hospitalised for 5 days because the child was in a dangerous condition. Teddy Forstmann was with her completely and was unbelievably fantastic as well as supporting.

Whoever the actual father is, it appears that Forstmann is the one who came forward to the plate when he was required for help. Let’s hope Padma gives birth to a fit child, which is due following month. She has endured endometriosis for a long time, so the maternity was accounted by her Dr. as not far less than a miracle.
Source from: http://www.makli.com/adam-dell-0022582/
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