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Mahesh kaleja movie review,,khaleja talk, kaleja review , khaleja rating,

Kaleja-telugu-Movie-ReviewLatest Updates:Mahesh Babu plays the role of a taxi driver, while Prakash Raj is the villain. Sunil and Brahmanandam are cinematographed key roles in this film by Bollywood ace photographer Sunil Patel of Hum Tum fame and Bachna Haseeno Ezzat. Mani Sharma scores music.
Kaleja telugu Movie Review Kaleja telugu Movie Review | khaleja review | Mahesh Khaleja ReviewMahesh Babu is a taxi driver and grandson of the teacher of the middle class, who do not want to be involved in the work of others. His friend died in an accident and the insurance it is to be handed over to his family who live in Rajasthan, where he will meet Anushka. As he goes to the state of Rajasthan, there is the situation where the villain and rude to people and some of the murders and assassinations continue. Mahesh Babu gets knowing in turmoil and it shows the stars as usual. it makes it to free people from worries. It then becomes a hero there. ran track love in Rajasthan. twirl several turns the movie to take a peak “.
Movie: Khaleja
Casting: Mahesh Babu,Anushka Shetty,Prakash Raj,sunil and others
Director: Trivikram Srinivas
Producer: Singanamala Ramesh,C Kalyan
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Mahesh Babu’s Khaleja premier is now showing in Nellore and Vijayawada. Check out the live updates and mini review below.
1st Half:
* Awesome Opening Scenes.
* Taxi song is the 1st song, Song is pretty good with nice dance moments. As of now movie is good.
* 2nd song Boom Boom shaka laka
* Dialogues are top notch, comedy is good in parts.
* Pileche Song is the third song.
* Routine story until now but chemistry between hero and heroine is good with a lot of funny scenes.
* Most of the movie shoot in Rajasthan.
* Interval Bang is Extra ordinary. The interval block covers up the entire first half.
1st Half Report:
Mahesh is extraordinary on the screen, Fresh and handsome. Opening scenes and comedy are good in the first half. Fights are clean. 15 minutes before the interval block is huge asset for the film. First half is above average. If second half is better than the first half, the movie can surely become a blockbuster.
Movie was Decent with First Songs. Pretty average stuff after the initial. Movie is pretty slow after the 1st song. Routine love drama b/w hero n heroine going on..Comedy Track was good in parts. Most of it is situated in desert. interval bang rockss
2nd Half:
* 2nd half started.
* Sada Siva is the next song. Excellent song, picturisation is on par with the music.
* Scenes are good in parts.
* Sunday Monday song.
* Movie is little slow in the 2nd half.
* Editing is not crisp.
* Makathika is the last song.
* Climax is good.
Final Report:
Its Mahesh’s One man show movie with good comedy. The movie is very good in parts but a slow second half will have effect on the movie. Overall the movie can be an above average grosser in Mahesh’s career as per preview talk. Lets wait until tomorrow for the final talk and review of Khaleja.Sadasiva song was picturised beautifully. Medicore editing!..scenes r gud in parts links missing,oh dear 1st half was much better!, pin drop silence in theatre..2nd half could have been much much, to be honest strictly below average 2nd half guys, badly narrated 2nd half spoils all the good work in parts
Final Word :– Nice and calm going movie

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