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martin freeman,the hobbit, the happening, top gun 2, zodiac movie, zodiac

Sherlock is one of the most excellent Crime dramas that are produced in this modern world of television. The first season’s first episode is going to be aired on 24 of October, 2010 in US on PBS. Sherlock is based on famous Sherlock Home’s cases along with Dr. Watson. Benedict Cumberbatch is staring as Sherlock Homes and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson. The second season will be of 90 minutes that will be released in 2011. From Doctor Who’s, the co-creator of Sherlock, Steven Moffat has revealed some pieces of the series in an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition.
Steven Moffat said about the second season that it will be Adler, Hound and Reichenbach. The three keywords actually refer to three cases of Sherlock Homes. Character, Irene Adler is from the novel A Scandal in Bohemia which is recently played by Rachel McAdams in the movie Sherlock Homes. The character is bit a love interest of Homes. Hound is from the Hound of Baskervilles. This novel from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is around a murder and the legend of a mythical hound. Reichenbach is from Holmes and Moriarty. So the first season is soon going to hit us and we are all super excited about the second season.
According to Ben Stephan, head of drama of BBC, said that Benedict and Martin Freeman are incredible pairing for Holmes and Watson and the direction of the series is excellent. According to reviews Benedict very well performed his character with Martin Freeman who makes a very fashionable and attractive Watson of 21st century.
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