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wwe bragging rights 2010 results,wwe bragging rights 2010 predictions, bragging rights 2010 results, wwe bragging rights 2010, wwe bragging rights, wwe bragging rights 2010 matches

WWE Pay-Per-Views are hitting us quicker than a Randy Orton RKO! It’s time for Bragging Rights, mere weeks after WWE put on the Hell in a Cell PPV. That Pay-Per-View set up many of these situations, especially the main events: WWE Title and World Title are on the line in unique situations. We’ve also got a Bragging Rights match that really packs a punch with top-of-the-line superstars competing for that trophy that an enraged Kane knocked over on Friday night’s Smackdown

Here’s the WWE Characters the Blog Bragging Rights PPV predictions and analysis.
Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler
Bryan has had a strange roller-coaster ride while he’s been built by WWE. However, he is the United States Champion. This seems like a match where Vickie Guerrero’s rookie Kaitlyn could play a part, costing Ziggler a win. There’s no titles on the line and it will give Bryan a good win over a credible WWE star.

Winner: Daniel Bryan wins via pinfall over Dolph Ziggler.
Natalya vs. Layla
Divas Championship
Natalya is part of the Hart clan and seems destined for a title reign. This is the only one available. It appears in this match Layla will be the one defending, but that Michelle McCool will be lurking around the ring like always. Still, it seems time for Natalya to capture a title, and she should be able to slap the Sharpshooter on Layla to make her tap out. Of course, win or not, Michelle McCool will contend that Natalya didn’t beat “the official champ,” setting up further matches.

Winner: Natalya wins the match, but does she win the official belt?
Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown for Bragging Rights Trophy
They just recently set the record straight, this will be an elimination style tag match, which now makes the additions of Santino Marella, Tyler Reks and Ezekiel Jackson more logical. They could somehow use this to set up a future storyline, making teammates turn against each other. It seems that with all the recent Smackdown triumphs over Raw, someone will win the match for Raw. Expect The Miz to somehow be at least one of the final Team Raw members, further solidifying a great 2010 for Mr. Money in the Bank. However, will this be the PPV where Miz cashes in? Seems less likely with all that’s going on here.

Winners: Team Raw wins, The Miz is among the final team members left.
Undertaker vs. Kane
Buried Alive Match
It seems odd that this feud will finish at Bragging Rights instead of Survivor Series, which seems a more appropriate place to have a Buried Alive match. Makes it look almost as if Kane will once again be victorious and claim to have buried the Undertaker for good, leading to yet another match in the future. The other factors here are Undertaker’s constant nagging injuries, his age and inability to hold the title due to that for too much of a reign. Kane’s had a good run, but how many matches will Undertaker lose to his younger brother, and how many fans will want to keep seeing them fight at each PPV? Taker will finally get a win and the title.

There’s an interesting prediction which comes from PWTorch’s Pat McNeill. He has a Taker win with the burial of both Kane and Paul Bearer. However, the match has taken so much out of Undertaker that The Miz rushes in to cash in his MITB case and take the World Heavyweight title. Interesting pick!

Winner: Undertaker wins the Buried Alive match and World Title.
Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
WWE Championship Match
We all know the situation here. John Cena is the reluctant new member of The Nexus and must follow Barrett’s orders or be fired from WWE. Cena will be Barrett’s corner man. That means there will likely come some situation in this match where the referee is knocked down, and Barrett orders Cena to help him out. This could be where Cena finds a way to defy Barrett and Nexus, or it could be where Cena helps Barrett win the title. If it’s the latter, that just sets up more Cena-Orton feuds and we’ve seen enough of that for a decade. It just seems unlikely Barrett will win because of all the recent hooplah with his arm raised and in-ring speeches, plus the Orton beatdown. Orton will somehow leave as WWE Champion, while tensions will intensify between Nexus leader Barrett and John Cena.

Winner: Randy Orton retains the title, despite potential Cena involvement.

Remember that WWE Characters the Blog provides updated predictions for Pay-Per-Views starting at 8PM Sunday night through 11PM. Make sure to check in and stay updated on all the results! Enjoy the 2010 Bragging Rights PPV!

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