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Deepak chahar,ranji trophy, ranji trophy 2010 from Cricinfo,Deepak Lokendersingh Chahar

The clips one saw of Deepak Lokendersingh Chahar were at a diffrent frames per second than the regular 30fps, so it looked like an old Films Division documentary – jerky. Hence it was difficult to make out at what pace he was bowling.

Going by comparison with Pankaj Singh’s clips, it appears Chahar was at the same pace or sometimes lesser.

For a moment let us forget issues of Hyderabad’s talent and ability – they certainly have enough of it worth more than 21 runs collectively – and let us ignore the possibility of the violent Telangana separatist movement triggered off in Andhra by motivated politicians being reflected in team morale (when you are playing for a team, you bloody well play for it), and focus only n the great display of swing bowling by Chahar.

The 18 year old is tall and broad shouldered – like Pankaj Singh is. Has a comfortable run up and an easy action. Chahar’s pace, as pointed out earlier, was difficult to judge, but was matching Singh’s. Also, like Singh, he too uprooted the stumps and sent them on a stroll couple of occasions.

What was striking was his ability to move the ball both ways…in the air…and not just off the pitch. The ball was wobbling today at Jaipur and dancing to Chahar’s tune. Contrastingly, Pankaj Singh’s deliveries did not have as much swing in the air.

The lad’s wrist position was perfect and behind the ball’s seam – straight.

If we have a bowler, who can swing the ball in the air both ways in early Indian winter…that too in Jaipur (Jaipur is cold in the first session till the sun’s up at this time of the year)…as if he were bowling in overcast England at the start of their season, then pick him up for close monitoring, nurturing and development. This lad now needs to show us hunger for the long haul.

He has been prolific in age group cricket and has only now just begun FC and List A.

Rest of the proceedings and scorecard from Cricinfo

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