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Google is celebrating discovery of X-rays 115 anniversary Today by changed google logo

The discovery of X-rays 115 – Today is the google logo changed again in accordance with the celebrated moment.
On 8 November 1895 Roentgen (Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen of Germany, 1845-1923), a physics professor and rector of the University of Wuerzburg in Germany earnestly conduct research cathode ray tube. He wrapped the tube with a black paper to prevent leaks fotoluminesensi from the tube to the outside.

William Conrad RontgenLalu he made research into a dark room. At the time of generating cathode rays, he observed something unexpected. Fotoluminesensi plate that is on the table began to glow in the dark. Although kept out of the tube, these plates still glowed. Be kept up to over 1 m from the tube, the plate was still glowing. Roentgen think there must be a new type of radiation that have not been known to occur in the cathode ray tube and a fluorescent plate fotoluminesensi. This radiation is called the X-ray radiation means unknown.
In 1895 that Roentgen alone do research X-rays and examine its properties. In that year also Roentgen publish research reports.
The first report on the Roentgen X-rays disclosed on pages 132-141 report Wuerzburg Association of Medical Physics in 1895. In early 1896, reprints Roentgen report sent to famous scientists. Because not deflected by magnetic fields, then one knows that X-rays vary with cathode rays. At that time not yet discovered the phenomenon of interference and diffraction. Hence comes the competition between particle theory with the wave theory to explain the essence / substance of the X-rays.
Particle theory put forward among others by W.H. Bragg, wave theory put forward among others by Stokes and CG Barkla. Since then the wave theory is supported by more people. In 1912, the phenomenon of X-ray diffraction by crystals was discovered by Max von Laue and then to ensure that X-rays are electromagnetic waves.
Use of Chest X-rays has long been known as a tool in the field of general medicine and dentistry are very helpful in the diagnosis and to determine the treatment plan.
The resulting picture of panoramic or periapical x-ray images of a patient to a dentist is very important especially to see any abnormalities that do not seem to know clearly, so that will really help a dentist in terms of determining the diagnoses and treatment plans.
Radiographic techniques used in the field of dentistry there are 2 of intraoral and extraoral techniques. In the intraoral technique, X-ray film is placed inside the patient’s mouth, one of which is photo periapical and bitewing and occlusal, while the X-ray photograph extraoral technique, X-ray film is placed outside the patient’s mouth, one of which is panoramic photos, other types are lateral images, and other cephalometri -other.
In Indonesia the use of Roentgen rays long enough. According to reports, the tool has been used since Roentgen in 1898 by the Dutch colonial army in the war in Aceh and Lombok. Later in the early 20th century, the Roentgen rays are mainly used in Military Hospitals and doctors teaching hospitals in Jakarta and Surabaya. Dutch radiologist who worked at the Faculty of Medicine in Jakarta in the years before World War II is Prof.BJ Van der Plaats who jugatelah start radiotherapy, in addition Radiodiagnostic.
Indonesian people who have used the Roentgen rays at the beginning of this century is RM Notokworo doctor who graduated at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, in 1912. He initially worked in Semarang, and then at the beginning of the occupation of Japan moved to Surabaya. In 1944 he died under mysterious circumstances, was killed by Japanese soldiers.
In 1952 a handful of radiologists working in RSUP namely GASiwabessy, Sjahriar Rasad, and Liem Tok Djien, founded the School Assistant Roentgen because workers need to be especially well educated assistant Roentgen.
In 1970, Roentgen who was formerly Assistant Schools accept graduates of junior high school students increased to Academy Playground Roentgen (APRO), which accept students graduate from high school.
With the increasing number of experienced assistant Roentgen, even some of them received additional education abroad, the lessons in APRO mostly have to be given by the assistant Roentgen and the only director who held the rank of the radiologist alone because it is a requirement for an academy. The radiologists are very interested in the development and improvement of the quality of the assistants Roentgen, who is now his official name became stylists Roentgen….

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