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harry potter 7 movie review, harry potter movie review, harry potter 7, harry potter review, hp7 review

So, there you go. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows opened yesterday. I miss miss miss Harry, Hermione and Ron. They are my most favorite people in the literary world. Promise.

I made up my mind that I’m going to watch on the first day. (Demmmnnn, I didn’t know there would be advance screening here in the country.) So, I asked my friends if they could join me on the first day in the last full show. Sorry, it has to be last full show. I had a class yesterday and as much as I want to skip it, I couldn’t.

I retrieved my login details to http://www.sureseats.com because I do not have time to go personally and reserve seats. Sad to say, the only available schedules that I could reserve a seat is the 9.30pm and 10.55pm. For some unknown reason, I couldn’t reserve a seat on 10.10pm screening. So we took the 10.55pm schedule, so much for wanting to watch on a first day. Well, technically, I watched on the first day.

Anyway, we were in Trinoma at 9.30pm. We purchased the 10.30pm screening. So there goes my SureSeats membership, now my account is locked out because we didn’t claim the later reservation.

So we grabbed a bucket of popcorn, and lined up with the kids (lol). The start of the movie is a little poignant. We saw Harry sending the Dursleys away, Hermione casting Obliviate spell on her parents and Ron with the Weasleys. Then, we saw Snape and Voldemort. Forgive me, but is it mercy that I saw in Snape’s eyes in seeing Charity Burbage being tortured by Voldemort? Then, we saw Nagini. I didn’t expect him to be thaaat big. I do have a poor poor imagination.

I love love love Dobby here. He’s very funny especially when he accompanied Kreacher in bringing Mundungus (which is not part of the book, btw). And when he died, I think I lost a friend as well. The added lines are just heartbreaking. You couldn’t help but cry.

By the way, I dislike the part where they show Grindelwald telling Voldemort that Dumbledore had the Elder Wand. That is so not true, the book had it in him as part of his remorse to every single bad thing he’d done. But well, life could not be perfect.

I hope in the second installment, Neville would have way better screen time. He is my next favorite person in the series. But what else do we expect on the second installment? As much as I could remember from the book, the break in to Gringgots is not yet shown and then also the Battle of Hogwarts. I wonder if the movie would stretch to 3 hours again. But I do not mind honestly.

I enjoyed the light bantering of the characters. Every one is at their best. But what I love the most in the movie is how they show the friendship between the three characters – Harry dancing with Hermione when the latter is sad on Ron’s departure, Hermione comforting/saving Harry in the Godric’s Hollow and Ron saving Harry in the lake among others. While watching the movie, all I could ever wish is to have friends like them.

Over-all, I think that this movie installment is the most faithful to the book. It is also visually entertaining. I can’t wait for the second installment.

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